Flash Heat Protective Hood (Quick Don)

Flash Heat Protective Hood (Quick Don)

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Flame resistant material with see through vinyl window; This quick don hood is intended for protection from flash heat exposure only and not intended for long duration heat exposure.

Third party burn certificates available upon request.

Product SKU: FP-HOOD

Completely pliable and easily stored with glove inside of our Brimstone Fire Containment Bags


  • 1 Hood
  • 12 year usage cycle
  • This item’s representative materials conform to the requirements of FAA 14 CFR 25, Appendix F


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Please Note: Handle overheating batteries & electronic devices at your own risk. Our Explosion and Fire Containment Bags are tough! They are designed to add another course of action in the event of an overheating electronics battery. Our bags greatly reduce the risk of bodily harm & property damage, but due to the unpredictable nature of battery fires, the multitude of battery types, and the possibility of human error we cannot guarantee no harm or damage will result when using them. Once a bag has been used to contain an overheating device please order a replacement immediately.