Coming Soon! - First Ever To Formally Pass UL 5800 Class 2 & Class 3 Containment Bags - Performance Level 1 (Total Containment Rating)

Fireproof Bags and Explosion & Fire Containment Bags

We are pleased to provide fire safety products that protect both life and the items we cherish. (see videos below)

Our fireproof bags are made from expensive, quality materials that create a strong barrier against extreme temperatures. You can store cash, jewelry, documents, heirlooms, and many other valuables with a greater peace of mind. The materials we use are the same found in suits that protect scientists standing next to active volcanic lava streams, in big steel mills, and other extreme temperature environments. The metallic outer layer can even withstand molten metals being dropped on it… Visit ourfireproof products page fore more in depth details…

We excited about our explosion and fire containment bags! All of the materials used have been FAA certified and we put them through some extreme tests that showcase just how tough they are… Watch the videos below for a glimpse into all we have put them through and to see how best to use them in the event of an emergency… Or visit our explosion and fire containment bag products page