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EV Lithium-Ion Battery Fire Suppression Products.

For those on the front lines of EV fire safety.

When Protecting the Public Is What Matters Most.

In the case of an EV fire, whether you're a first responder, tow truck driver, forklift operator, or anyone working with battery operated vehicles/equipment... The Brimstone line of EV fire suppression products will help you be prepared.


While our EV Fire Suppressor Blanket™ and Mister™ have the ability to work independently of each other, when used together, they create a comprehensive system to shut down a thermal runaway event. Covering a vehicle quickly with an EV blanket provides a measure of containment and protection while the Mister cools the battery modules and helps mitigate and dampen vapor cloud ignitions.

EV Blanket + Mister = Comprehensive EV Fire Suppressor System™


Our EV blankets help deprive the fire of free oxygen, suppress open flames, lower the temperature, and significantly decrease smoke volume. They feature a revolutionary quick deployment process and are available in several sizes for use on small cars to large SUVs, trucks, and large equipment (forklifts, etc.). Our blankets may also be used as a fire break (covering an object to protect it) or a fire wall (creating a barrier between the fire and other property).

Our EV Blanket Offers Quick Deployment and Added Protection

EV Fire Suppressor Blanket™ (XL - 25 x 33)
EV Fire Suppressor Blanket™ (Standard - 20 x 25)
Perfect For Large Battery Operated Equipment
Durable Drag Pad
Emergency Quick Deployment Process
Optional Extendable Poles
Cinch Included For Windy Conditions
Reflective Centerlines For Easy Placement
Quick Deployment Center On Threat Arrow

Includes A Revolutionary Quick Deployment Process

Comparison Chart: Brimstone EV Fire Suppressor Blankets vs. Other EV Blankets


Our EV Mister™ delivers a 10 gpm low-flow water mist spray (firefighting droplet size / <1,000 microns) directly to the vehicle’s undercarriage. Tests validate the Mister’s low-flow rate is as effective as high-flow models while preserving water resources and reducing the amount of toxic runoff. And our low-profile Mister™ head (only 2.25” tall) easily fits under most vehicles.

Our EV Mister Offers Unique Features

Multiple nozzles = omnidirectional spray
10 gpm low-flow rate
Low-profile head (2.25” tall)
Padded, easy to carry, and deploy bag system
4 Pipes + Mister™ head = 92” in length
Lug connectors compatible with most fire hoses
Uses less water & reduces amount of toxic runoff
True firefighting water mist droplet size (<1,000 microns)
Fine mist reduces risk of vapor cloud ignition

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