Component Maintenance Manual

How to care for your containment bags

Component Maintenance Manual

Bag Storage/ Usage:

Please always store bags in a dry place out of direct sunlight (prolonged moisture or UV exposure can compromise bag strength). Our Containment Bags are intended for a single use.

Free Replacement Bag:

Should your Brimstone Fire Containment Bag ever be used to contain a battery fire REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY. We will replace it for free, some conditions do apply.

Bag Maintenance:

We recommend an annual inspection on all Containment Bags. When conducting your inspection determine whether there are any tears or rips. Are there any signs of prolonged UV/ sunlight exposure (color fading), or signs of prolonged moisture exposure (discoloration, mildew, or mold)? If so, we recommend immediate replacement.

We recommend bag replacement every 12 years. 

*Present your original invoice/ order details for 5% discount on all replacement bags. This offer is intended for replacement bags only.


Limited Warranty:

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please contact us via email to authorize bag replacement in the event of a defect. 


Fire Containment Instructions For Use:


Handle overheating batteries and electronic devices at your own risk. Our Explosion and Fire Containment Bags are tough! They are designed to add another course of action in the event of an overheating electronics battery. Our bags greatly reduce the risk of bodily harm and property damage, but due to the nature of battery fires and the possibility of human error we cannot guarantee no harm or damage will result when using them.


 Please Note: Always Store Kit With Flaps & Heat Resistant Gloves Inside Bag.


Step 1: Identify Threat

Step 2: Open Bag

Step 3: Don Gloves

Step 4: Place Threat In Bag

Step 5: Ensure Flaps Are Closed and Bag Is Sealed


If possible, we recommend laying the bag face down (logo side down).

If a lavatory is available, consider laying the bag face down on the floor and leaving it shut within.