Effective Containment Solutions For The Environmental Health & Safety Industry

Protect your People & property from the dangers of Thermal Runaway

Lithium-Ion batteries are everywhere. It is estimated that 5 billion are produced each year and this number continues to grow. Many modern facilities use lithium-ion back up systems, not to mention every person within will typically carry multiple personal electronic devices at any given time. How many hundreds (or even thousands) are currently with the facility you are responsible for? Back-up systems, laptops, tablets, phones, hand held radios, flashlights, cordless tools, etc., etc… Standard firefighting methods can make the situation worse as lithium reacts violently to water and most extinguishing agents… This is where Brimstone Fire Containment Kits can make all the difference. Contain the threat and get it safely moved away from the people and property you are meant to keep safe.

​ Multi-floored buildings and/or large sprawling complexes which only have limited exterior exits can be in jeopardy due to how difficult lithium-ion battery fires are to fight. Not only is there danger to life and limb, but consider the threat to your property and the resources housed within… It is obvious extreme heat and explosion are the primary concerns, but keep in mind the smoke and gases released during a thermal runaway are so toxic (laden with heavy metal particulates) that expensive Hazardous Materials clean up may be required before normal operations can resume. Government agencies are also starting to realize the danger as can be noted with this warning the The FDA recently issued this warning regarding the threat of lithium-ion battery fires in hospitals. Your foresight in having our Preventer™ Brimstone Battery Containment Kits on hand will bring a simple and effective option into a potentially catastrophic scenario.