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Brimstone Fire Protection Bags

How Are You Protecting Your Valuables From A Fire?

Be prepared for the unthinkable with a Brimstone Fireproof Storage Bag.

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Double-sealed heat guard with fold-over closure · Highly reflective & self extinguishing outer layer · Heavy insulation inner material · Carbon felt liner for intense heat protection · Soft no-scratch interior

Whether you are storing emergency cash, irreplaceable documents, digital records, or family heirlooms... Brimstone Fireproof Storage Bags may make all the difference.

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Bags You Can Trust

From NASA to Facebook to NOAA, Brimstone Fire Protection is a trusted brand across many industries and Government Agencies.

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What Are Some Items I Should Be Safeguarding in case of a fire?

Valuable Coins
Valuable Coins
Flame Resistant Cash
Hard Drives
Flame Resistant Hard Drives
Important Documents
Important Documents
Flame Resistant Electronics
Second Fireproof Bag for Extra Protection
Second Fireproof Bag for Extra Protection

When Every Second of Heat Exposure Counts,

Make Sure Your Valuables Are Safe Inside a Brimstone Fireproof Bag.


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Brimstone Personal Fire Protection Kits


Brimstone's WildFire-Ready PPE Kits are designed for added protection during a wildfire disaster.

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