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Emergency Plug/ EV Disabler
Emergency Plug/ EV Disabler
Emergency Plug/ EV Disabler
Emergency Plug/ EV Disabler

Emergency Plug/ EV Disabler

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The Emergency Plug is the perfect solution for those responding to an electric vehicle (EV) emergency. Unlike internal combustion vehicles, it can be difficult to determine whether an EV is running or not, and difficult to shut-off in an accident. If an accident is severe enough, the safety systems may have possibly malfunctioned, and emergency responders may have to face the difficult position of not knowing the status of the vehicle.

Thankfully once The Emergency Plug is plugged into the vehicle's charging port, the plug simulates a charging process, switches the gear into "Park" or "Neutral" and may even activate the electric parking brake. This allows emergency personnel to take control of its power functions, safely turning off all necessary electronics.

Just The Facts:

  • Prevents almost all  EV's from accidental starting and movement
  • Universal plug types for all EVs, regardless of whether they are type 1 or type 2 charging ports (including TESLA)
  • Status LED shows the current vehicle status and function
  • Self-test function for safe use
  • Bypasses the “Anti-Theft” lock (can be removed at any time)
  • Luminescent housing for good visibility

Note Product Advisory:
It has come to our attention that the Emergency Plug® cannot disable certain US car models from General Motors (GM) due to their unique electrical systems (specifically the
Hummer EV SUV and the Chevrolet Blazer EV models). The plug manufacturer is actively addressing this limitation and remains dedicated to ensuring the device meets safety standards and supports first responders effectively.

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Warning! Approach wrecked or smoking EV's with extreme caution as thermal runaway may be imminent!

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