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EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™
EV Fire Suppressor Mister™

EV Fire Suppressor Mister™

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made in the usa ev fire blanket

Product Details:

Misters start shipping late Aug 2024

All Brimstone Blankets, Misters, and Bags Are Proudly Made in the USA! 

*INTL Patent Pending

Product SKU: FP-WM-KIT

*Intended for use in the event of an electric or standard vehicle fire.

Approx. Weight: 12 LBS
Low Profile Clearance: 2.25" Tall at the Mister head
Assembled Length: 92"
Approx. Case Size: 9.75" x 20.5" x 5.5"

Water Mister Features:

  • (1) 6” Diameter “no tip” Mister spray head with 15 individual omni-directional spray mist nozzles that deliver true firefighting droplets <1,000 microns
  • (1) Valve pipe length (with twist to open valve and an “always active” universal swivel)
  • (3) Standard pipe lengths
  • Each connection has large threading for ease of assembly
  • Hose connection has a 1.5” forestry lug fitting (compatible with US fire hoses and trucks)
  • (1) In-line mesh / filter sleeve
  • Carry and deployment-friendly / high visibility bag
  • Zippered hard case (for extra gaskets, in-line screens, and / or spanner wrenches)

How it Works:

  • The Mister is designed to be used in conjunction with an EV blanket during an electric vehicle fire—creating a comprehensive EV Fire Suppressor System.
  • With 100 psi at the Mister head, a 10 gpm low-flow water mist spray will be delivered directly to the vehicle's undercarriage to cool the chassis, pulling heat away from the battery modules, to shut down a thermal runaway event. (firefighting droplet size / <1,000 microns) 
  • Tests validate the Mister’s low-flow rate is as effective as high-flow models, while preserving water resources and reducing the amount of toxic runoff. The fine mist can also help mitigate and dampen vapor cloud ignitions that could occur underneath the EV blanket.
  • Covering a vehicle quickly with an EV blanket, when done with a good ground seal, will provide a measure of containment and protection. It helps deprive the fire of free oxygen, thus suppressing flames, which in turn instantly lowers the temperature and decreases the smoke volume.
  • In certain situations, the Mister may be used for stand-alone cooling and has been found to offer effective undercarriage coverage in winds up to 25 mph.


Recommended for use with Brimstone EV Fire Suppressor Blanket (standard or XL). 

EV Fire Suppressor Blanket - 20' x 25'
EV Fire Suppressor Blanket XL - 25’ x 33’




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Please Note: Handle overheating batteries and electronic devices at your own risk. Our Fire Containment Bags, Smoke Containment Bags, Fire Containment Blankets, EV Fire Suppressor Blankets, and EV Fire Suppressor Mister are tough! They are designed to add another course of action in the event of an overheating electronics battery. Our products are designed to greatly reduce the risk of bodily harm and property damage, but due to the unpredictable nature of battery fires, the multitude of battery types, and the possibility of human error, we cannot guarantee no harm or damage will result when using them. Once a product has been used to contain an overheating device, please order a replacement immediately.