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Fireproof Pouch - Small Sized
Fireproof Pouch - Small Sized

Fireproof Pouch - Small Sized

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Size: 12" x 6" x 1" (pouch)

All Brimstone Bags Are Made in ISO 9001:2015 Registered Facilities.

Made from the same materials found in our FAA Certified Explosion and Fire Containment Bags and Gloves, our Fireproof Bag's carbon liner is made up of 2 different fibers. One does not burn or melt and has an LOI of >45. The other also does not melt and is self-extinguishing with an LOI of >28. Both fibers are naturally flame retardant and do not degrade with heat. Our proprietary layering has a center layer that is rated at 2,000 degrees (F) for short periods and 1,500 degrees (F) for longer periods. The outer layer is designed to withstand contact with molten metals. This metal coated material, along with our special DOUBLE FLAP HEAT GUARD makes this bag splash resistant.

IN A FIRE, TIME IS WHAT KILLS YOUR VALUABLES. Heavy insulation and high reflectivity is what sets our bags apart...

Don't Be Fooled! With Fireproof Products You Get What You Pay For!

Do a little research and you’ll quickly discover how unprotected your valuables are even while stored within a fireproof safe, as illustrated in the photo of the melted pistol on our products page (the owner was quoted as saying "I guess my safe wasn't fireproof after all...")... If a fire gets hot enough that structure walls collapse, there is a very good chance that the contents of your safe have been destroyed (even if the fireproof safe itself is still intact).

Our fireproof bags are designed to reflect intense heat and insulate against it. They are made from highly advanced materials… Flame resistant velcro, kevlar thread, fireproof/ needle punch felt, fiberglass,  and aluminized material...

Fireproof Safes Are No Guarantee!

  • Thumbdrives
  • Firearms 
  • Documents
  • Heirlooms
  • Emergency Cash

Our Bags Exponentially Improve The Likelihood of Your Valuables Survival!


Inherently flame resistant, our aluminized and insulated bags delivers protection. The base fabric will not burn, melt, or ignite, and significantly outperforms competitive fabrics when subjected to extreme heat and molten metal splash. Even after intense exposure, the fabric maintains its strength and integrity and continues to protect.


Usually Ships within 2 business days...

For quantities of six or more, contact us for a quote.

While we believe our fireproof bags greatly improve the survivability of the items stored within, due to the volatile nature of structure fires (and fires in general) we cannot guarantee that anything stored within our fireproof bags will survive unharmed.