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Fireproof Textile Felt (Added Insulation)

Fireproof Textile Felt (Added Insulation)

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For even greater peace of mind simply wrap your valuables in this felt before putting them inside your fireproof bag...  For larger options, contact us.


This fireproof felt is what lines our fireproof bags. It creates an excellent barrier against heat and we offer it here in it's raw state as an extra layer of protection you can add against the extreme temperatures associated with structure fires.


DON'T BE FOOLED! CHEAP FIREPROOF BAGS DO NOT HAVE INSULATION! Your bag may survive, but everything inside is melted or scorched... The manufacturer will even tell you they have tested their product, but you'll note they never mention for how long. IN A FIRE, TIME IS WHAT KILLS YOUR VALUABLES. Heavy insulation and high reflectivity is what sets our bags apart...

I had the fireproof bags made originally to be used solely with our secret compartment furniture... However, while doing a little research discovered how unprotected your valuables are even while stored within a fireproof safe, as illustrated in the photo of the melted pistol (the owner was quoted as saying "I guess my safe wasn't fireproof after all...")... If a fire gets hot enough that structure walls collapse, there is a very good chance that the contents of your safe have been destroyed (even if the fireproof safe itself is still intact). That's why we saw the need beyond just storage in our secret compartment furniture...

  • Fireproof Safes Are No Guarantee!
  • Guns
  • Jewelry
  • Documents
  • Heirlooms
  • Emergency Cash
  • Our Bags Exponentially Improve The Likelihood of Your Valuables Survival!

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While we believe our fireproof bags greatly improve the survivability of the items stored within, due to the volatile nature of structure fires (and fires in general) we cannot guarantee that anything stored within our fireproof bags will survive unharmed.