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SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 2
SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 4
SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 5
SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 3
SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 1
SM-HD Battery Fire Containment system
SM-HD Lithium-ion Battery Fire Containment Bag 1

Heavy Duty Battery Fire Containment Bag - Small (Tablet/ Phone) - Preventer™ HD Edition- 90 Wh Tested

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This Bag Has Successfully Contained 18,000 mAh (90 Wh) Thermal Runaway Events.

Third party test reports and FAA standards test report available upon request.

All Brimstone Bags Are Made in ISO 9001:2015 Registered Facilities.

Some devices now have battery capacities at over 15,000 mAh and many portable power packs go beyond that. That is why we are pleased to introduce our new line of Heavy Duty Fire Containment bags...

For quantities of six or more, contact us for a quote.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Fire Containment Bag (Small - Tablet/ Phone Sized)
  • 1 Pair Fire Resistant Gloves
  • 1 4" X 4" Vinyl Peel & Stick Placard "PED FIRE CONTAINMENT BAG LOCATED HERE" 
  • Each Bag Has Its Own Unique Serial Number for easier tracking and maintenance recording.
  • 12 year usage cycle (industries best use cycle)
  • Each Bag Undergoes A 5 Point Quality Control Inspection Before Shipping (an inspection sheet Certificate of Conformity is signed by the inspector and ships with EACH BAG
  • Each order ships with annual inspection recommendations and warranty info.
  • Free Bag Replacement Lifetime Guarantee: When one of our bags is used to contain a fire we'll send a new one for free... (some conditions apply)
  • This item’s representative materials conform to the requirements of FAA 14 CFR 25, Appendix F



14"W x 10"H x 1”D

Opening 14" x 1"

Weight = 31 oz


Please Note: While our carbon liner does absorb a significant amount of smoke, this bag is not designed to contain it all. Click here to see our Fire and Smoke Containment options...      

This Item Generally Ships Within 1-3 Business Days... Subject to demand delays. If a delay occurs we will notify you immediately.


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We are proud of our bags... Our materials are state of the art and our testing is thorough... Feel free to Contact Us should you have any further questions. 


Please Note: Handle overheating batteries & electronic devices at your own risk. Our Explosion and Fire Containment Bags are tough! They are designed to add another course of action in the event of an overheating electronics battery. Our bags greatly reduce the risk of bodily harm & property damage, but due to the unpredictable nature of battery fires, the multitude of battery types, and the possibility of human error we cannot guarantee no harm or damage will result when using them. Once a bag has been used to contain an overheating device please order a replacement immediately.