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Explosion & Fire Containment Bags:

The owner of an aviation supply company discovered our fireproof bags and thought they'd work as explosion & fire containment bags for laptops, tablets, and phones that are overheating and potentially going to explode while in flight... He was wrong. Our fireproof bags work from the outside in. What he was proposing would require a complete overhaul and redesign with added layers of material to boot. The result, after many hours of testing and working alongside FAA approved labs is a fantastic product... It's tough enough to withstand a violent explosion and/ or fire, yet pliable enough to be folded and/ or rolled up for the tight storage restrictions found in most aircraft compartments. 

Fireproof Bags:

We are a sister company to Stealth Furniture, Inc. a secret compartment furniture company... The reason we wanted to offer fireproof bags was to create a way for our secret compartment furniture to give some fire protection similar to that found with fireproof safes... But the existing bags we found on the market were made cheaply and lacked the necessary insulation to be of any real value. We also began to realize fireproof safes aren't as fireproof as you'd think. The only solution was to develop our own line of fireproof bags. It was a GOOD decision! The demand has surprised us. Not only do we sell to our secret compartment furniture customers, but discovered many people who already own fireproof safes like the added layer of fire protection offered by our affordable bags. Another niche we discovered was with those who lack the space required or who simply can't afford to buy a decent safe. Our fireproof bags offer extra protection against fire damage in an affordable way without taking up too much extra space in your home or office.

Our Bags Are Proudly Sewn In The USA!