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26.5 Ah Battery Explosion & Fire Containment Bag - Hospital/ Military Grade


Product SKU: FP-CON-26Ah

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Fire Containment Bag (26.5 Battery Sized)
  • 1 Pair Fire Resistant Gloves
  • 1 4" X 4" Vinyl Peel & Stick Placard "PED FIRE CONTAINMENT BAG LOCATED HERE" 
  • Each Bag Has Its Own Unique Serial Number for easier tracking and maintenance recording.
  • Each Bag Undergoes A 5 Point Quality Control Inspection Before Shipping (an inspection sheet Certificate of Conformity is signed by the inspector and ships with EACH BAG)
  • Each order ships with annual inspection recommendations and warranty info.
  • Free Bag Replacement Lifetime Guarantee: When one of our bags is used to contain a fire we'll send a new one for free... (some conditions apply)



26 Ah Battery - Hospital / Military Grade

7"W x 14"H x 4”D

Opening 7" x 4"

Weight = 34 oz


Please Note: This is a non-stock item. At this time each bag is made to order and may require up to 3 weeks for production.



  • The materials used in our bags have been FAA certified (certificates available upon request). The tests conducted in accordance with Title 14 CFR, PART 25- Subpart D, § 25.853 (a) compartment interiors. [Amdt. 25-116, 69 FR 62788, Nov 26, 2004] Appendix F to Part 25, Part I (a)(1)(ii) [Amdt. 25-111, Eff. 9/2/2003] and FAA Compliant...
  • Rapidly expanding gases released during a Lithium-Ion thermal runaway makes a containment bag want to blow up like a balloon. Velcro will easily pull apart and release almost all of the dangerous smoke (possibly debris and flames as well) unless it is used on a pull over flap like our design. We conducted tests using small explosives to over emphasize our bags capacity to contain rapid expansion. Our explosion and fire containment bags passed these violent detonation tests with zero exterior damage and the flaps all held in place 100%
  • Our Military & Hospital Grade Battery (26.5 Ah) Explosion & Fire Containment Bag successfully contained the explosions and resulting fire of 26,500 mAh, 30 cell battery (6 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THEN A LAPTOP BATTERY). This battery burned for almost 2 hours with each cell exploding over a 1 ½ hour period (within the overall 2 hour test window). The exterior of the bag never exceeded 200 degrees (F). Most exterior temp readings were below the 150 degree (F) mark and comfortably touched with bare skin throughout the test. 

Materials & Design:

  • Our bags are not pouches. They actually have a side wall which allows for a much wider opening. When seconds count we wanted it to be as easy as possible to slip a device in... The large opening allows people under tremendous pressure to successfully remove the threat.
  • Using Patented materials our bags contain a layer of Kevlar should the explosion be so violent as to launch dangerous projectiles at ballistic velocities. Our carbon liner has a temp rating of 3,000 degrees (F). Another layer is designed to withstand molten metals (similar temp potentials found with melting battery components). The bright safety orange exterior makes it easy to identify in the event of an emergency.
  • Our bags are completely pliable, which makes them able to be rolled or folded, making storage in tight storage areas possible


    Why A Containment Bag? Why Not Water? Why Not An Extinguisher?

    Some airlines have been slow to adopt a specific policy other than dousing the thermal runaway in water... Lithium-ion batteries do not need oxygen to burn. Once they have ignited, contact with water will produce steam vapor. This vapor will likely be laced with extremely toxic heavy metals and be far more dangerous than smoke alone. Steam vapor penetrates more efficiently. Sinus and lung tissue would be very vulnerable should this happen (or even fabrics on board which could then require costly clean up and even replacement depending on the extent of the saturation).

    There are many variables to consider, but we believe closing the threat into one of our bags and sealing it in a lavatory as quickly as possible is the best possible solution in most instances.


     Visit This Page To Read Pilot Containment Bag Reviews.

    Watch Detonation & Fire Test Video

    A List of Previous Customers Can Be Found Here. 

    SAFETY ORANGE, 5 LAYERS WITH VELCRO CLOSURE, AND 1 PAIR FIRE RESISTANT GLOVES (INCLUDED). This battery explosion and fire containment bag can really take a beating! Designed to contain violent detonations, like those found when an electronic device's battery overheats and explodes. Made from 5 layers of ultra rugged materials, each with a specific function... The bright safety orange exterior makes it easy to identify in the event of an emergency. This bag is pliable, which allows it able to be folded, making storage in tight storage areas possible. Best Value Bag On The Market! (extra tough with a carbon felt liner which helps to contain a significant amount of smoke in addition to the fire and heat) 

    Capable of containing an Ultralife UBI-2590 (14.4 Ah) battery (Military Grade).

    Capable of containing a Mobius (26.5 Ah) battery (Hospital Grade).



    Bag Storage/ Usage:

    Please always store fire containment bags in a dry place out of direct sunlight (prolonged moisture or UV exposure can compromise bag strength). Our Containment Bags are intended for a single use.


    Bag Maintenance:

    We recommend an annual inspection on all Containment Bags. When conducting your inspection determine whether there are any tears or rips. Are there any signs of prolonged UV/ sunlight exposure (color fading), or signs of prolonged moisture exposure (discoloration, mildew, or mold)? If so, we recommend immediate replacement.

    (Present your original invoice/ order details for 10% discount on all replacement bags. This offer is intended for replacement bags only.)


    Limited Warranty:

    We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please contact us via email to authorize bag replacement in the unlikely event of a defect.


    We are proud of our bags... Our materials are state of the art and our testing is thorough... Feel free to Contact Us should you have any further questions. 


    Please Note: Handle overheating batteries & electronic devices at your own risk. Our Explosion and Fire Containment Bags are tough! They are designed to add another course of action in the event of an overheating electronics battery. Our bags greatly reduce the risk of bodily harm & property damage, but due to the nature of battery fires and the possibility of human error we cannot guarantee no harm or damage will result when using them. Once a bag has been used to contain an overheating device please order a replacement immediately.

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