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Is your team prepared? The FAA has documented hundreds of incidents in the past few years involving lithium-ion batteries. Given the nature of modern flight, your aircraft is especially vulnerable to the dangers of a lithium-ion battery in thermal runaway. Most passengers and crew members carry at least 2 devices, often 3, which averages out to over 500 batteries within the cabin on an average commercial flight. As portable power demand continues to increase (over 5 billion lithium-ion batteries were produced in 2016) the need for you to have safety protocols and equipment in place has become clear.

​ Brimstone Fire Protection has had the privilege of providing peace of mind to companies and government agencies around the world. From airlines to large corporate fleets; From the U.S. Department of Defense to Facebook, Inc. (global data centers), our high quality and reasonably priced products are on the cutting edge of fire protection, particularly in the arena of lithium-ion battery fire containment.