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Removing the threat of lithium-ion battery fires

2016 had over 5 billion lithium-ion batteries enter the market and this number continues to rise. Now consider there is likely at least 1 (maybe even 2 or 3) lithium-ion powered devices for every person within any given structure… Sprawling facilities and/ or buildings with multiple floors often have limited exterior access. They are particularly vulnerable to the threat of a lithium-ion battery fires because there is no easy way to extinguish them and no way to handle them. Not only is there the potential for bodily harm and property damage from heat and debris, but the smoke and gases released during a lithium-ion battery fire are so toxic (laden with heavy metals) that expensive Hazardous Materials clean up may be required before the building can be utilized again.

The FDA recently issued this warning regarding the threat of lithium-ion thermal runaways within medical centers and hospitals, which are at risk due to the hundreds of portable monitors and computer carts found within… Hospitals have had lithium-ion battery fires recently and it is more than likely they will continue to occur. If one happens within a multi-floored structure, it can be a disaster. Many firefighters only option is water (lots and lots of damage causing water), but keep in mind normal extinguishers and water may literally cause the lithium within to ignite and/ or explode.

​ As an emergency services provider and /or health care provider you or your team may be responsible for removing the threat from deep within a structure. Lithium-ion batteries can be frustrating in their unpredictability, ferocity, and refusal to extinguish. Your foresight in having our Preventer™ Brimstone Battery Containment Kits on hand will bring a simple and effective option into a potentially catastrophic scenario.