Coming Soon! - First Ever To Formally Pass UL 5800 Class 2 & Class 3 Containment Bags - Performance Level 1 (Total Containment Rating)

About Us

Deep Three, parent company to Brimstone Fire Protection, was founded in 2013. We are a family oriented company and find satisfaction in helping others reduce risk in their lives. We originally developed a line of fire proof storage bags, but shortly after entering the market Lithium-Ion battery fires were starting to make the news. Being science minded we knew Lithium reacts violently with water and other normal extinguishing agents, so containment seemed a likely solution should a fire occur on board an aircraft, a sea faring vessel, or deep inside a building with limited exterior access.  We were already using various materials necessary to withstand tremendous heat, so in 2015 we hired a team of engineers and spent many, many hours developing and testing the products which would lay the foundation for our successful entry into the Lithium-Ion battery fire containment bag industry. We were able to bring our FAA Certified fire containment bags into the market about 1 year before the Samsung S7 phone started having battery issues. Once these phones began bursting into flames in large numbers the general public became aware what a threat storing so much energy into such compact devices could create. We immediately began to see a huge leap in orders from companies and Government agencies around the world and continue to grow as demand dictates.