Lithium-Ion Battery Incidents In The News

Fire Containment Bags- A Legitimate Need

Fire Containment Bags- A Legitimate Need
Once again the instability of Lithium-Ion batteries is front and center with last weeks recall of all Samsung's S-7 phones. "Samsung Electronics re...

Aviation Explosion & Fire Containment Bags Gain Traction

"Onboard battery fires underscore need for meaningful action." -RG Network "The Federal Aviation Administration is getting the word out: Airplanes ...

Explosion & Fire Containment Bag Testing & Demonstration Videos

      These videos demonstrate how tough our fire containment bags and fire containment pouches really are!    

Fireproof Bags and Explosion & Fire Containment Bags

We are pleased to provide fire safety products that protect both life and the items we cherish. (see videos below) Our fireproof bags are made from...